Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Seminar in Munich, 24 January 2008

We'd like to invite German developers to our free seminar in Munich, Germany, Jan 24.

  • New in Firebird 2.1, Vladislav Khorsun, developer Firebird
  • Fast Reports Business Intelligence solutions for Developers, Michael Philippenko, CEO Fast Reports
  • Corruption fighting and Firebird database protection, Dmitry Kuzmenko, CEO IBSurgeon
  • Fast Reports new products and solutions, Michael Philippenko, CEO Fast Reports
  • Firebird optimization, Dmitry Kuzmenko, CEO IBSurgeon

Seats are limited, please register now:

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

195 defects in source code? Not ours.

InformationWeek mentions Firebird. As a "somewhat moribund project". Nice.
And, the real fact is that: "Nearly all of the 195 identified defects are in fact actually within an external piece of code we use for character sets and collation sequences ICU".