Thursday, July 19, 2007

Firebird Developer Pack from IBPhoenix

IBPhoenix announced a comprehensive set of tools for professional Firebird database application development - "IBPhoenix Firebird Developer Pack". This pack includes
  • Firebird database engine
  • Tools for database application development and management
  • Tools for database monitoring and optimization
  • Tools for database recovery and maintenance
  • Replication tools
  • Database connectivity drivers: .NET (with Visual Studio integration), Delphi/C++Builder, ODBC, JDBC, PHP, Ruby On Rails, Python, Perl, C++.
  • Flexible reporting solution
  • A comprehensive documentation set for Firebird
  • Free 30-days installation support
This pack costs $799 for single developer, and there are also special discount for current customers of IBReplicator, IBSurgeon products or Database Workbench.

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