Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FBCon 08 - 25-26-27 september - Bergamo - Italy

You CAN'T miss FBCon 08 - 6th Firebird International Conference that will be held in Bergamo from 25 to 27 september. Conference will be from thursday september 25 till saturday Every day have a special theme with best italian and worldwide firebird-world expert!
Here some of our sessions, for a detail go to www.firebirdconference.net:

Italian sessions :
  • CTE e query ricorsive
  • Database per sysdba – avanzato
  • Database per sysdba – base
  • Database per sysdba – web
  • Delphi, DBExpress e Firebird
  • delphi4php e Firebird
  • GO: Gestionale Open
  • Php e Firebird
  • SQL and Firebird
  • SQL enhancements in FB 2.5
  • Sw-ing
  • vTiger

english sessions:
  • 10 ways to backup FB database
  • Common Table Expressions : tutorial
  • Delphi and Firebird
  • Developing Firebird apps for pocketpc/smartphone clients
  • Execute block e trigger (database)
  • Fb{Ref?}Doc - the Firebird Documentation project
  • Fire in The Lamp - FireTube an example for scaling Firebird on web2.0
  • Firebird 2.5 Architecture
  • Firebird Development in 2008/2009
  • Firebird in real time applications
  • Firebird on Linux - advanced topics
  • Firebird on Linux – basics
  • Firebird Stored Procedures in Depth
  • Firebird, tools and Linux distribution integration
  • Installing Firebird with your application under Windows
  • Introduction to development with Firebird and Python
  • Know what is happening in your database and server
  • Managing recursive data structures (trees) with Firebird
  • Migrating from MSSQL and mySQL to Firebird
  • Practical Guide to the Garbage Collection
  • Query optimization - how to speed up COUNT(*) function
  • Replication for a high availability infrastructure
  • Security in Firebird: 2.1, 2.5, 3.0
  • Separating web development from database logic
  • Service Oriented Architecture with Firebird
  • SQL: Migliorare e ottimizzare le prestazioni
  • Stored procedures
  • The Firebird System Tables
  • Towards a REST architecture with Delphi and Firebird
  • Transactions In Your Applications
  • Ultimate Vmware Appliance - Ubuntu and Firebird
  • Updating Database structures
  • Using embedded Firebird with .NET
  • Working with Firebird in Python

To REGISTER go to www.firebirdconference.net

Also note that 24-th September at the same place, before the Conference, there will be FREE IBSurgeon seminar:
  • Introduction
  • Firebird database recovery and protection against corruptions
  • How to find and solve performance problem in Firebird with IBSurgeon products
  • Replication with IBReplicator
  • Using dbFile
p.s. I will be there. My wife told me that I must taste native pizza, pasta, cappuchino, etc.

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mariuz said...

They also have good wine in the region , I will be there and we will taste the good italian food :)