Wednesday, March 25, 2009

InterBase 2009 lost ODS 10.1 support

InterBase for years uses Y-valve, implemented by Jim Starkey, to support previous databases in new InterBase versions.
The native ODS (On-Disk Structure) for the particular server version is the only one - the ODS of database created with this server. For example, native ODS for InterBase 6.0 is 10.0. For Firebird 1.5 - 10.1, etc.
And, as a feature, InterBase and Firebird supports at least N-1 ODS number.
The decision what ODS support to remove from the server is completely on the server developers. Firebird 2.5 still can open databases from InterBase 5.6 only because Firebird developers still keep code to support it.
But, seems that InterBase developers decided to eliminate ODS 10.1 support from the InterBase 2009. InterBase 2007 can open ODS 10.1 databases without a problem. But, InterBase 2009
  • initial release, says "incompatible version of on-disk structure"
  • IB 2009 Update 2 ( simply crashes
Is it bad, or not? I don't know. Right now InterBase 2009 uses ODS 13 for new databases. The ODS difference a bit far (13-10=3) from the Firebird (11 - 10 = 1).

But, you need to know, that you may not now open old databases (less than ODS 11) with the InterBase 2009.

p.s. I have not found any databases with ODS 10.0 on my computer, but ODS 10.0 and 10.1 differs only by some additional indices on some system tables in ODS 10.1.

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