Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is sort 2

Someone may make wrong conclusion from my previous post about sorting that "sorting ... mostly does writes". But, yes, I was speaking only about temporary sort files, and the sorting process itself. The whole picture of the query with PLAN SORT is the following
  • server (Firebird, InterBase) reads portions of the data from the query, does sorting of this block and writes it to the temporary file. So here we have reads from the database and writes to the temporary file.
  • after all data was read from the query (database) and sorted, server begin to send sorted data from the temporary file to user. Of course, this happens only if client application reads the resulting data, i.e. call "fetch". Here we have reads from the temporary file.
The number of writes and reads of the temporary file in this case is the same. But the number of database reads depends on the query itself and the amount of the processed records. I will speak about it later, because right now my computer is busy by some another interesting test.

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