Friday, September 02, 2016

Incompatible Compatibility

As you know (maybe), InterBase XE7 have support of previous ODS (database format) of InterBase 2009 (ODS 13) and InterBase XE/XE3 (ODS 15).
This, I think, was supposed to help moving to XE7, starting to use XE7 with old databases, and "if something goes wrong" to have an ability to return to 2009 or XE/XE3.


InterBase XE7, when opens database in ODS 13.1 format (InterBase 2009) upgrades it's minor version to 13.2. And after that InterBase 2009 can not open this database anymore. Because it supports 13.1, not 13.2. Oops. Incompatible.
So, support of ODS 13 by XE7 seems useless?

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