Friday, August 18, 2006

New DataDirect ODBC driver

Borland released new DataDirect ODBC driver for InterBase customers (thanks Craig for the info). Also separate ADO .Net driver for InterBase (BDP 2.5.0) available.
Both drivers are free for InterBase users, but there is another OLE DB driver that is very useful, especially for Visual Studio - IBProvider. It uses all existing and possible OLE DB features, like many transactions per one connect and others, and can provide nearly the same special InterBase functionality accessible in native components like FIBPlus and IBX.

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Suresh babu said...

Hi ..Where i can get the Interbase ODBC/OLEDB for Interbase 2007. Actually i am developing SSIS package for data migration (Interbase to SQLServer). Do you have any providers for Interbase 2007?