Friday, September 01, 2006

Overloaded by transactions

Do you remember old InterBase 5.6 bug when maximum number of transactions in database is depending on page size ?
Strange, but early InterBase 6.0 versions have the same, sure. Yesterday we got database with the same sympthoms, but this is ODS 10.0 database with dialect 3, created with InterBase 6.0. Let's look at statistics from IBAnalyst:

Sorry about numbers format, if it is hard to read - there are 534 million transactions in database. Since January 2005. And, if this database was put into production right after creation (or restore), there are 880 thousands transactions each day.
Why I was so impressed? This works on WinXP.
While database exists 607 days (more than 1.5 years), transaction inventory page became very big - 130 megabytes (Next transaction div 4 bytes). Database size is 160 megabytes, with the only 13 megabytes data in it.

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