Monday, November 12, 2007

Firebird seminar in Prague

9 November, in Prague, in the series of Firebird events, there was a Firebird seminar. It was organized by IBPhoenix, IBSurgeon and FastReport with the great help of Pavel Cisar, IBPhoenix representative in Czech Republic. Sessions by main Firebird developer Dmitry Emanov, Dmitry Kuzmenko (IBSurgeon) and Mike Philippenko (FastReport), described Firebird roadmap, internals, security, optimization, database repair, and more.
There was about ~50 attendees, from different cities and companies. We had enjoyed interesting questions. It's nice to see that Firebird in Czech Republic and France (where seminar was at 30 October, in Paris) has strong and growing position and used by many professionals.

So, everything went fine, including coffe-breaks and lunch :-) Pavel Cizar found and arranged excellent place with suitable seats, nice personnel and good coffee and meal.

The next in the Firebird Events will be 2nd Firebird and InterBase Russian Conference, 23 november, and Firebird seminar in Warsaw, Poland, 7 december.


mariuz said...

any pictures/slides from the event ?

Dmitri Kuzmenko said...

yes, you see only two pictures, but there are a lot of them.
Also we told that we will place presentations for download.
Sorry, but right now there will be russian FB/IB conference in Moscow, so I don't have any time to put this stuff on download... :-(